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About Bob Guarino


Bob Guarino grew up near Princeton, NJ.   He lives in the San Francisco Bay area.  Bob has an undergraduate degree in Social Work, and a master’s degree in Business Administration.  Some interests include: financial education, exercise, travel, chess, and meeting new people.

Current Employment

Currently, Bob is involved as a Social Worker in helping low income families to become self-sufficient.  This is obtained through employment, financial budget planning, housing assistance, and counseling. The subject matter is important, and helping to empower others to a stable lifestyle can break generational poverty, and set up a future of abundance.

Create your own family legacy!

Now, the next key step is to help the middle class all over the world to become financially free. Everyone will be respected, and assistance through education to increase financial intelligence will enable you to have full control of your financial legacy!

A Simple System - Wealth Building Series

Learn a very simple system on how to build wealth.  Are you interested in being an entrepreneur, learning safe and smart techniques to investing?  Do you want to create a family legacy by obtaining financial freedom? If you want to tap into the strategies of the wealthy elite with a proven system, then this is for you. 

Increase your financial IQ


Financial Freedom

Bob Guarino cares about your health and wealth.  Retire younger and wealthier! You will be taught a very simple system on how to build wealth. We have been helping people all over the world to become financially free of worry.  Is this something that you are interested in, not having to worry about money problems anymore?  


Learn Critically Important Subjects

Leverage, Duplication, Compounding, Residual and Passive Income.  Build that long lasting, sustainable distribution network with exponential growth. Build multiple streams of income.  Become one of top 1% of investors worldwide!


Cash Flow Quadrant

Move from the left side (employee, and those who are self-employed) to the right side (Business System Owner and Investor).  The flaw with the employee and those who are self-employed is that you trade your time for money, only get paid when you work, and can never significantly be able to get ahead that way.  The business system owner is the place where everybody should be. This is where financial freedom happens. This is where you no longer have to trade your time for money. This is where you own a system. This is where you can utilize the concepts of leverage, and duplication.  This is where you can receive a steady stream of passive income. The investor applies the principle of compounding. Einstein referred to compound interest as the 8th wonder of the world! 

A global business opportunity of wealth creation for all!


Real Freedom, Real Simple.

1.  Health and Wealth belong together.

2.  Protect your assets first, then grow them.

3.  Take financial responsibility into your own hands.

4.  Do not give away your money for somebody else to hold.

5.  Education enables financial freedom.


The universe provides an abundance of opportunities.

6.  Do you want to receive signals telling you the optimal time and price to buy and sell Crypto Currency, Forex, or Stocks?

7.  Do you want to see the historical data on what you would have profited from bitcoin in a bull and bear market using these trading signals?


You are really going to want to enter this magical world of financial freedom where you get to create your own legacy!

  1. Follow my story with an educational series of over one dozen Youtube videos.  (see link at top of page) 
  2. This Facebook Business page covers the topic of achieving financial freedom.  (see link at top of page)
  3. Hempworx CBD Oil - Improve your health as the amazing benefits continue to shine through.  (see link at top of page)  
  4. Profit Platform Duplication System - Leverage our on-line marketing expertise and automation system to create increased sales conversions and duplication, leading to exponentially more growth.  (see link at top of page)


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